Web Technologies

The consumer expectations, technical innovations and the explosive growth in the number of people using the web have significantly evolved in the way people are using the web today. The web is in our workplace, our living room and in our pockets. Today, when we access the web, it can identify who and where we are. The web is no longer accessed just through a browser + desktop combination. There are a number of devices supporting web, many more websites, more content and more bandwidth for more people to access the web. Web Technologies form one of our core strengths.

Our focus areas are:

  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • Open Source (PHP)

Delivering custom solutions that are built on top of prevailing technologies is one of our core competencies at Aktrix. Our solutions are reliable, easy to maintain, extensible and secure and adheres to prescriptive guidance and best practices. Our delivery model is agile in order to provide adequate visibility to our customers during the course of the project and deliver predictably with high quality.

The following are our focused offerings within the scope of custom application development.

  1. Multi-Channel Applications: The accelerated acceptance of tablets and smartphones in the personal device space is redefining the nature of consumer-facing applications and services. Applications now need to support multiple forms of inputs like touch and gesture in addition to the traditional forms of input like keyboard and mouse. With a single person owning and using multiple devices, the same application needs to be deployable on multiple devices and provide a seamless user experience across devices. We at Aktrix, offer a spectrum of services in the Multi-Channel applications space which includes User Experience design, Architecture consulting, Application development, and upgrading existing web applications to Multi-Channel applications. In addition, we have built a portfolio of reference architectures which can be easily customized for any specific needs that our customers may have. Coupled with our Agile delivery model, these reference architectures creates a definite advantage, in terms of time to market, for all our customers.
  2. Portals: Organizations today face the challenge of information overload within and across businesses. This is compounded by the proliferation of disparate IT applications creating information silos. Our portal solutions are centered on, enterprise-wide presentation tier infrastructures that form a common point to access information while addressing security, compatibility and availability. We provide both consultative and implementation services on top of these solutions to leverage such information by effective knowledge and content management.

  1. Enterprise Content Management: Enterprise Content Management enables organizations to simplify the storage, security, versioning, workflows, and retention of content. Numerous factors drive businesses to adopt such solutions, chief being the need to increase efficiency, improve control of information, and reduce the overall cost of information management for the enterprise. We at Aktrix, offer a spectrum of Enterprise Content Management offerings addressing Web Content Management, Document Management, Records Management, Social Content Management and Digital Asset Management. These services help enterprises to meet business continuity, process integration and compliance requirements by optimizing every point of the organization’s vital asset lifecycle.