Banking Industry

Banks and financial institutions must develop innovative products and services to enhance revenues, while providing a seamless cross-channel experience to retain customers. In addition, they must continue on their march towards efficiency by focusing on technologies and processes that enable cost reduction, while at the same time, effectively managing the constantly increasing regulatory and compliance (Dodd-Frank, RDR, Basel III etc.) requirements.

Aktrix Technologies is a next generation IT Services organization that delivers transformational IT solutions and services for the Banking & Financial Services industry by leveraging disruptive technologies and trends— Mobility, Cloud, Social Media, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Unified Communication, integrated with Infrastructure Management Services and Security. Transform banking operations, introduce innovative products and payment solutions, and reduce loan defaults with Aktrix’s global business and technology solutions.

We can help you with a range of offerings that utilize these technologies to meet the challenges of this changing industry.


Social Computing:

A socially-enabled business means that every department, from marketing to customer service to HR to sales, uses social computing the way it uses any other tool or channel to do its job.

Banking and financial institutions today are using social computing to humanize their brand. This is done by creating loyalty and advocacy, by listening to and acting on customer, partner and employee inputs, by being socially present – both inside and outside the organization.


Cloud Computing:

Cloud provides a cost-effective, adaptive, simplified and standardized delivery platform to deliver business and IT processes.

Banks and financial institutions are embarking on a transformation journey, modernizing legacy footprints, architecture, software and processes and moving to cost-effective platforms, which will make them more efficient and futuristic. The resultant cost take-outs can be spent in initiatives like Enhanced Customer Experience,  Regulatory Compliance, Expansion to New Markets and New Product launches – to name a few. Adopting Cloud not only enables easy cost optimization through Transformation and Migration, but it also provides the next generation platform for new and emerging applications and processes.


Mobility and Security as an integrated offering:

Banks and financial institutions are rapidly adopting mobile strategies across the globe for internal and external applications, to reach out to customers in terms of offers. This is especially relevant given the buzz in the industry that tablets are going to replace laptops soon. Our services around mobile include, but are not limited to, user interface services, mobile app development and management, mobile testing, mobile commerce, mobile device and mobile application security management

We have developed an exceptional combination of disruptive technology expertise with comprehensive and integrated business lines, including key capabilities around Private Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Retail Banking segments. We have brought together the industry’s best experts in the banking business to provide customers with the largest footprint of functional expertise while developing technology solutions.

Independent Testing: 

Aktrix offers testing services to enable clients meet their quality and service agreement goals. We offer value added testing services for Banks and Financial Services including comprehensive offerings to help our clients assure quality across their front, middle and back offices. Our Front to Back Testing offering enables Banks and Financial Services optimize their test infrastructure, build a high value test data management platform and stand up a robust front to back testing function that can help quickly identify quality issues across a heterogeneous IT landscape.

Biometric Authentication for Mobile and Online Banking


Prevent fraud and identity theft with powerful multifactor authentication.

With the rapid rise of mobile and online banking comes a new set of security challenges. Aktrix’s SmartrixID Mobile User Authentication, an in- and out-of-band, biometric-enabled authentication solution, lets you reduce risks to your bank and protect your customers from identity theft and fraud.

SmartrixID Mobile User Authentication provides efficient, reliable identity authentication for mobile, online and other transactions using a combination of passwords, PINs, biometrics and other techniques. The software employs dynamic security levels, allowing you to customize the level of security required for different transactions.

Put Security in Your Customers’ Hands

SmartrixID Mobile harnesses the convenience, power and ubiquitous nature of smartphones and mobile devices to put advanced security measures in the hands of your customers. The software comprises two applications, one on the server and one on the customer’s mobile device.

When a customer visits your website to perform a transaction, a request is made to SmartrixID Mobile for verification. Depending on the type and monetary amounts of transactions and verification methods desired, your customer can be prompted to enter identity verification data on the mobile device. SmartrixID Mobile assesses the information and, if authentication is successful, informs your organization and your customer that no further action is required.

Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

SmartrixID Mobile User Authentication supports a range of authentication techniques based on:

  • Something your customer has, such as a smartphone
  • Something your customer knows, such as a password or PIN
  • Something your customer is, utilizing biometrics that provide distinctive physiological characteristics (such as face, voice or palm)
  • Your customer’s location, provided by global positioning system (GPS), IP address and cellular triangulation.

Out-of-band authentication, requiring verification from a second device, provides an additional level of security for high-risk transactions. This defeats “Man in the Middle” (MitM) types of attacks in which an attacker intercepts and alters communications between the bank server application and the customer’s device.

Authenticate with Confidence and Convenience

The SmartrixID Mobile Security Portfolio offers your organization:

  • Robust security with the highest possible authentication fidelity
  • Low implementation costs, with no additional hardware or software integration required
  • Portability and convenience using the capabilities of the mobile devices your customers already possess
  • Scalability and technological adaptability.

With the multilayered SmartrixID Mobile portfolio, you can significantly reduce cyber security risks and allow your customers to conduct their transactions with confidence — anytime, anywhere.