Mobility Solutions

Mobile Devices are becoming all pervasive and both enterprises and consumers are turning to it for their information needs. With 75% of the world’s population today having access to a mobile device, it has become a basic need alongside food, water and housing today.

Consumers are increasingly bringing their mobile devices to the work places, expecting to access enterprise applications and be supported by an IT organization. This trend is being accelerated by the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets and the spread of the “anytime anywhere” concept.

According to Industry analyst reports, 80% of the businesses will support workforce using tablets and 90% of the organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices in the next few years.

Software product companies need to come up with a holistic strategy for delivering solutions through these devices to reach their customers. This compels software product companies and service providers to design and implement a mobile strategy encompassing multiple platforms and classes of devices in quick time.

Our Services:

Our expertise is targeted towards building Mobility Applications leveraging various approaches like Native, Cross Platform and Mobile Web Application Development. 

Our expertise ranges from development of Apps on IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Mobile Web Technologies like HTML5. Our team understands limitations on various cross platform and other 3rd party integration points (including middleware) and leverage the experience in targeting the best solution.

Advisory Services

The proliferation of apps, devices, platforms, and capabilities is causing large and small businesses to define a sustainable mobile strategy in quick time and ahead of competition. Absence of a mobile strategy leads to inefficiencies by duplicating point solutions and investments in mobile solutions resulting in lower ROI. Aktrix provides customers with advisory services for defining a mobile strategy – Technology Implementation Roadmap, Architectural & Design Services, POCs to decide on tools and platforms, mobile standardization assessment for enabling customers with industrialized development by coming up with guidelines around UI design, development, mobile testing and deployment including brand compliance, security compliance, estimation and development processes.

Mobile Testing

Aktrix Mobility Testing Methodology involves a staged and multipronged approach to assuring mobile application quality. We offer testing across multiplicity of Mobile Operating Systems and versions – Cross Platform and Cross Version Validation across – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. Our Interoperability tests validate mobile applications across handsets– different hardware capabilities, form factors, screen resolutions, input methods, browsers, network standards across all mobile carriers in various geographies. Our mobile testing approach takes into account both natural user interface based functional testing as also non-functional aspects like usability, performance, security and compatibility.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming an important channel for organization to reach their customers. In the near future, sales of mobile tablets are expected to outstrip traditional PCs and form the majority of web traffic. Aktrix provides end to end application development services across the development lifecycle for

  • Mobile applications targeting enterprise and consumers
  • Solutions helping customers address the major challenges of “Which devices, Which Platforms”, “Native v Web vs Hybrid apps”, “Multiple form factors and device capabilities”

Mobile BI & Analytics

Implementing BI solutions for the mobile is gaining increasing traction and more than 33% of BI functionality will be consumed via handheld devices within the next few years. Aktrix helps customers integrate BI and analytics into their mobile solutions – dashboards, Analytics, and rule based alerts to enable data driven decision making products – providing an accurate view of visitors, their behaviour and engagement levels helping in gaining key insights for future optimization.

Mobile Application Management

Enterprises are increasingly adopting the BYOD trend (bring your own device) which brings its own set of challenges around how enterprise data and applications are managed without intruding on the personal data and apps on the device. Aktrix helps customers in implementing the mobile application management solutions – enterprise application store, creating enterprise containers, implementing security policies, virtual box solutions – to enable the optimal management of enterprise data on the user’s device.

UX Services

Usability and UI design are critical factors for the success of a mobile application. 90% of the applications downloaded from app stores do not get used beyond once. Aktrix provides design engaging UX for mobile devices – optimized for content, convenience, context, productivity, performance & fun enabling customer to develop highly usable and visually appealing application.

Mobile App Platform- Design & Implementation

A mobile application platform provides tools and client/server middleware for mobile and multi-channel deployment enabling improved efficiencies while protecting your current investments. It also enhances the value of your existing business systems by making them accessible to users anywhere, anytime. Aktrix helps customers design and implement a mobile application platform that allows developers to enhance productivity and create cross-platform, standards based, smart, optimized and integrated mobile apps.

Mobile Infrastructure & Management Services

A big challenge with mobile solutions is to manage costs and ROI. Aktrix enables customers to quickly mobile enable their business while controlling costs. We provide managed services in conjunction with cloud based hosting of data and applications which helps in minimizing upfront investments while providing the customer a mobile footprint.

Mobile Device & Security Management

As enterprises look to support more and more complex mobile devices, the biggest challenge is to manage the security, data and the costs. Aktrix provides services for engineering and enhancing mobile solutions with monitoring, configuration, management capabilities & security features

Our Industry Focused Mobility Solutions:

Our Mobility offerings is backed by strong domain skills in Banking, Retail, Media, CPG, Manufacturing and Insurance industries along with robust Mobility technology practice teams. We work with your teams to craft the Mobility strategy for industry specific businesses and technology enablement.

  • Airline
  • Banking
  • CPG
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Retail

Why Aktrix Mobility Services?

Aktrix with its sharp focus on mobility is an ideal partner for helping you design and realize a mobile strategy best suited for your business needs. We have deep engineering experience on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). Further, our mobile lab has a wide range of devices that will allow us to build and test on multiple relevant devices and ensure your mobile apps are robust and delight your customers.

We deliver value by seamlessly integrating Mobile solutions with business processes, social platforms and real time analytics. This unique integrated solution to customers is made possible because of our Accelerators and Frameworks in Mobility