Industrial Manufacturing Players across globe are facing tough times due to high pressures on profits as a result of spiraling input costs, demand for greater standardization across products and markets and adherence to increasingly stringent risk and compliance guidelines.

Added to this is growth from emerging markets, which creates greater challenges that traditional business models are unable to support.

Manufacturers are readying themselves to counter these challenges by:

  • Integrating globalized operations
    ·Adopting new business processes
    ·         Embracing innovation
    ·         Simplifying global supply chain complexities
    ·         Increasing operational efficiencies
    ·         Realizing business value from technology investments.

Our business process expertise combined with integrated solutions based on social computing, mobility, cloud computing and analytics for Industrial Manufacturing Segment will help you in the following ways:

  • Build an integrated and responsive supply chain– Our solutions based on supply chain analytics, predictive analytics and sales and service analytics will help generate a single view of the supply chain. This capability in addition to predictive modeling will help you reduce operations cost, and cycle time while adhering to quality norms and building an agile supply chain across enterprise.
  • Standardization of business process –Our business process optimization solutions and Green BPM solutions will help you eliminate redundant costs and optimize business process. This will, in turn, help you across multiple sustainability initiatives and conduct business in an eco-friendly fashion. 
  • Create an agile and productive workforce –Our solutions for enabling workflows on mobile devices, mobile KPI dashboards from core ERP and sales automation will help in reducing order cycle time, create a productive and agile organization and improve decision making on the move.
  • Generate a single view of enterprise performance– Our enterprise analytics framework will provide a single view of enterprise performance across the value chain. The predictive analytics framework will help you with enhanced decision making capabilities and avoid future shocks.

Aktrix provides the following services to the Manufacturing industry:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Business Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Social Computin