Social Computing

In this era of complex social interactions, increasing choice and technology-driven peer-to-peer exchange, brands need to do more than just communicate with consumers – they need to engage. Beyond Likes & Clicks Delivering Tangible Business Benefits With Social Technologies.

Social User Data Analytics & Dashboards:

Build a holistic understanding of customer preferences by integrating their social behavior with transactional behavior. Capture meaningful insights about customers to enable:

  • Precise delivery of hyper-relevant content
  • Target influential & brand advocates
  • Personalized & tailored marketing campaigns and offers to specific user segments

Increase Brand Engagement & Reach On Social Media Platforms:

Make your brand come alive with rich content, apps and experiences for your customers, prospects, and advocates across social channels:

  • Build more valuable relationships with your users by providing meaningful experiences tailored to their personalities and interests.
  • Create content that highlights seasonal, regional, or brand-specific events.

Gamification For Increased Customer and Employee Engagement:

Recognize your best customers and employees and give them more reasons to engage. Enhance participation and drive business value.

  • Custom-branded badges, leaderboards, and game mechanics to drive actions with rewards that have high perceived value.
  • Increase in website and/or store visits and time spent
  • Employee training and skills development
  • Crowdsourcing solutions to challenging problems
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Make customers feel rewarded and respected for their opinions and support of your brand.

The Next Generation Learning Management System: Dynamic Learning through Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

With the wide spread adoption of social networks, has been great demand to include similar tools to help people make connections internally in companies. Typical learning management systems (LMS) must also evolve from systems that simply automate teaching, learning, and research collaboration to Social Learning Platforms that facilitate true learning and foster dynamic interactions, gamification, cross-divisional understanding and collaboration.

The Next Generation Mobile Marketing Ecosystem

Telecom operators tend to see mobile marketing as a way not just to boost revenues but also to fund new digital services that will enrich their content offerings and reduce churn. That potential appears especially high when it is considered in the context of the development of SOCIAL – LOCAL – MOBILE multi-channel applications (popularly known as SO-LO-MO). This paper provides a road map for telecom operators for unlocking new revenue streams by capitalizing on their greatest owned asset: The invaluable gold mine of targeted, customer data.

Enterprise Gamification

Organizations have always grappled with questions surrounding employee engagement, such as, how to encourage voluntary participation, proactive contribution, training, and learning and following policies and procedures. Gamification is now allowing managers push aspects of gaming into training, HR, marketing, product design, and everyday work experience.

The Next Generation Social Banking Ecosystem: A Road Map for Banks

Traditional loyalty and rewards programs are primarily purchase-oriented, taking into account only a customers’ transaction history with less focus on the overall customer relationship. Going forward, banks will need to achieve a far higher level of customer-centricity, trustworthiness and overall service excellence by embracing this next-Generation Social Banking Ecosystem.

Creating a social business index across industries

  • Customer Profile: An Enterprise Social Media Management Platform (USA)
  • Business Need: To prepare a Social Business Index for various verticals across geographies

Aktrix Solution: Created intelligent crawlers to collect data from different social media channels. 
Used social data intelligence to collect and store data.