In recent years, online retail has erupted, making the Internet a crowded – and competitive – marketplace. While ecommerce connects businesses with customers in an unprecedented manner, challenges such as unpredictable number of visitors, intense competition, and price shopping and unfinished transactions mean that online retailers continue to face low conversion rates. 

Based on our research, market analysis and the understanding of the online retailers and their customer needs, Aktrix has evangelized services which bring in the elements of cloud computing, mobility, analytics, social media and security to deliver powerful and result oriented solutions to our customers.

Aktrix’ ecommerce service suite covers the entire gamut of customer requirements with flexible mobility solutions, web analytics and customer insight frameworks.

Pre-built mobile-commerce solutions

Our SmartCommerce solution helps build that unique enhanced experience for Customers in Pre-Payment, Payment and Post-payment cycle of the entire journey. Aktrix Mobile Consumer Platform Solution offers SmartCommerce specific pre-built modules that can be leveraged at each step in the path to purchase.

Pre-Payment stage experience: Increased customer Awareness, Knowledge and Preference through our pre-built modules – Target Ad modules, SmartCoupons, Location Based Marketing, Augmented Reality

Payment stage experience : Multiple customer choice of payments may it be Online or In-Store through our – Mobile Payment gateway modules, NFC interfaces, QR Code scanning

Post-Payment stage Experience: Understand customers repeated choice, becomes viral either through loyalty modules, Customer care and social Interfaces

Web Analytics

Our web analytics services are not just about improving your website performance, but also help you transform your business data into predictive analytics and powerful insights. We also help you customize web analytics tools specifically for your site to get the most relevant insights.

Actionable insights

Predictive modeling

·         Understand how your visitors are experiencing and interacting with your site

·         Ascertain traffic patterns on your site and get information on where they break down

·         A/B testing to decide which site design works best to your advantage

·         Measure ROI on your investments

·         Relevant KPI’s & dashboard designed specifically for your business

Predict conversion rate based upon interactions with your service delivery channels

·         Predict customer Behavior based upon responses from various customers

·         Align your marketing strategies to ‘best fit’ customers effectively


Aktrix can help you increase your online business with a personalized, consistent shopping experience and targeted marketing campaigns. With our smart web analytics solutions, you can offer tailored content, marketing and promotions to buyers – all while increasing the number of visitors to your site and the net conversion rate. Our campaign analytics tool understands your customers and maps the right product to the right buyer. Further, you can send vouchers for products or services to specific customers to encourage repeat purchases and increase overall satisfaction. 

Smart Insights Framework

The Aktrix Smart Insights Framework provides a comprehensive view of customer conversations, feedback and inputs across multiple platforms like social media sites and online surveys. ­­­­­­­­­­­

  •   Capture a holistic picture of customers’ preferences and sentiment towards your brand vis-à-vis competition
  •   Sense and respond rapidly to customers’ increasingly eclectic demands
  •   Leverage the voice of the customer to improve customer experience
  •   Identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling
  •  Improve product selection and offerings using customer feedback