Automotive industry is changing the way it delivers the driving experience via host of innovations on Smart Devices. The industry has evolved from basic transportation to smart mobility. The automobiles are becoming connected and smart. Data connectivity in passenger vehicles, vehicle to vehicle communication, vehicle to infrastructure communication, in-vehicle infotainment will no longer be add-ons, but would become the necessity for both the personal and commercial automobiles.

This means that the traditional automotive companies will need to depend on technology companies for innovation and critical intellectual property. The product and brand differentiation will extend beyond the mechanical engineering excellence. They will need to partner with companies which provide connected-cars, connected-driver and connected-customer experiences.

Aktrix’s experts work with automobile companies and technology companies to help them sustain competitive advantage with integrated solutions based on mobility, cloud, social and analytics. With a comprehensive portfolio of powerful solution accelerators, user experience design abilities, reusable frameworks, tools, productized service offerings and IPs-driven services, we deliver superior solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

The scope of connected vehicle innovations can be classified into four functional areas: telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs), infotainment and mobility services.

Our Engineering R&D solution portfolio for the automotive industry is primarily supporting Commercial Vehicles around telematics, fleet Management and Advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) and Passenger Vehicles around Entertainment, infotainment, Safety and Navigation services.

Our areas of focus in “Automotive” field include:

  • Hardware Design of In-Vehicle Telematics/Infotainment System
  • Middleware and Applications to Provide Audio/Video and Connectivity (BT, WiFi, M2M, GPS, GSM/GPRS) Modules
  • End to End Solutions (enabling cloud, Mobility and Analytics)
  • Telematics and Infotainment
  • Fleet Management – Logistics
  • Navigation Systems
  • In-Vehicle Diagnostics /Management
  • Cloud and Mobility based Remote Tracking and Management

Communications, Networking and Storage

Communications, Networking and Storage

The global communication networking and storage landscape is in a phase of transformation, with evolving business models, changing market drives and extreme cost pressures. The proliferation of Big Data and the explosion of multi-media applications like video are placing pressure on the data centers, pushing equipment density, performance and power consumption into the limelight like never before. Since the demand for these applications keeps growing, the need for a “Reliable and high volume network Solutions” also grows. At the same time, the evolution of the cloud and virtualization are further driving the need for more uniform designs and architectures.

Aktrix can assist your business in several ways through an amalgamation of disruptive technologies including mobile, social, analytics and cloud. With a comprehensive portfolio of powerful solution accelerators, reusable frameworks, tools, productized service offerings and IPs-driven services, we deliver superior solutions that meet our customers’ exacting product development requirements.

Networking and Communication Service Offerings:

  •   Enterprise networking (Switches/routers/firewalls engineering, re-engineering, Sustenance)
  •   Access and Core Networking (including Packet Transport and Metro Ethernet)
  •   IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems)
  •   Enterprise wireless
  •   Automotive networking and M2M
  •   Software Defined Networking (SDN) – ) adoption – controllers, clients, application development and integration   
  •   Storage Services offerings
  •   Storage Sub-systems (HBA, Arrays, Firmware, Management applications) – Development and validation services.

  •   Storage appliances (Filers, backup appliances etc.)