Cloud Computing

Cloud is a Transformation journey that cuts across Business & IT for all enterprises. Unlike other transformational themes, the uniqueness about Cloud is its ability offer transformational benefits in lieu of the (seemingly unavoidable) inefficiencies that exist in the system today – be it Business or IT, in tangible terms. This change is proving to be more sustainable, long-term and evolving – be it adoption or ROI.

 So what really motivates business to embrace cloud in concrete terms?

  • Capital Cost Optimization and Controlled Operating expenses.
  • Increased direct revenue generation and/or profitability at same or lesser cost
  • IT Platform Efficiency leading to “Optimised Cost of IT”
  • Efficient and Agile Business Change Management
  • Software Engineering Lifecycle Efficiency

The reasons are more than compelling for any CXO to put their bets on the Cloud journey. The key differentiator about Cloud is that it has a story for every Business stakeholder – be it the CEO or the CIO / CFO et al.

Aktrix believes that “Cloud” is one of the disruptive themes that will influence Business and IT in the next 5 years (at least) which will change the way everything operates. Depending on the specific Industry and immediate business needs, we foresee that there will be different categories of Cloud Consumers – Innovators, Early Adopters, Safe Players and Followers.